Incoming Tourism

Incoming Tourism

Europa Travel & Tours is one of the pioneer incoming travel agencies in Albania. We have been working with people who were eager to know more about Albania and have left our country wishing to return again. Really we have a flux of people who come in Albania by the different borders with Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece and many European groups who enter Albania from the International Airport of Tirana. We are strongly working to increase the number of tourists who come in our country and to make Albania an unforgettable experience for them.

What we are happy about is the fact that the interest regarding our country is increasing with the passing of time. This makes us optimistic that we will be for a long time one of the first companies in the Albanian Market.

We are working with many companies from all over the World. I am not mentioning their names but if this is important for you I can send them to you in the coming e-mail.

Our touristic services:
- Hotel and private accommodation in Adriatic and Ionian coast, and everywhere in Albania. We can help you with accommodation in every part of Albania in hotels with 2,3,4,5 stars.
- F.I.T and Group Hotel Rates. Thanks to our good relations with all the hotels in Albania we can offer you reasonable individual or group rates.
- Airport and seaport transfers to hotels and back.

We can provide transfers and assistance for any number of clients.

We can provide our clients with the following services:
- Rent a car, different brands at your disposal
- Small cars with 3 and 4 people capacity
- Air-conditioned minibuses for 11- 14 persons
- Buses of different capacities beginning from 20 to 50 persons.

Seaport Transfers from:
- Durres
- Vlora
- Saranda

We can even arrange transport from airports of our neighboring countries such as Montenegro, Macedonia etc.

Excursions in interesting places and in the most attractive sites everywhere in Albania.

We organize specialized tours:
- Classical tours around Albania: 8 days, 10 days etc. - Cultural - Architectural places - Castles in different parts of Albania

- Hiking/ Walking
- Climbing
- Rafting

- Beach Holidays
- Mountainous Holidays

-Visit to medieval Mosques
-Visit to ancient Churches

- We can organize sightseeing in every Albanian town or region.
Very professional guides will accompany you everywhere you go.M

Foreign speaking guides are available in languages such as:
English, German, Italian, Russian, French and others depending on availability.

Programs for all seasons according to traveler’s interest. We can organize all kinds of tours including:

Daily tours
- Tirana
- Tirana – Kruja
- Tirana – Durres
- Tirana – Shkoder etc.

2-3 day tours

A week or more days tours

Combined regional tours with:
- Montenegro - Macedonia - Croatia etc

Specific designed tours

Reservations of meals in traditional restaurants with folk and purely Albanian music. Albanian folk music differs from one region to the other. The most notable parts which are characterized by their own type of music are the Northern and Southern part. These regions have their own popular songs. An evening to these restaurants will make you familiar to the Albanian folk Music.

Organization of conferences, seminars and workshops in every Albanian city.

Europa Travel & Tours has three main activities