Grand Balkan

Day 1:
Arrival in Zagreb. Assistance and transfer from airport to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation in hotel.

Day 2:
In the morning we visit the city of Zagreb, the capital city of the Republic of Croatia.It was been developed from 2 twin cities. Gradec from the XIII sicle and Kaptol from the medieval sicle.
Walk around the historic part of the city where we can find: the church of San Marcos with its ceiling mutlicolours, the cathedral, the baroque church of Santa Catalina, the Parlament and the Government Palace. Free evening. Dinner and accommodation in hotel.

Day 3: Zagreb/Plitvice/Zadar
Departure in the morning in direction of the Plitvice lakes. At the arrival we will realize the visit at the awesome National lakes Park of Plitvice, where sixteen lakes are communicated by 92 cataracts and waterfalls. Free time. At the predicted time departure for Zadar. Arrival. Free time. Dinner and accommodation in hotel.

Day 4: Zadar/Trogir/Split
In the morning we will visit Zadar, where we can find the preromanic church of San Donato witch look likes a castle, the roman forum, y the famous Sea Organ. Continuation toward Togir (short stop), the little medieval city rich of history and culture. Arrival at Split, city included in the list of cites of world inheritance of the UNESCO. Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.

Day 5: Split/Medgujore/Mostar
At the morning we realize the visit with local guide including: the famous Dioclecian Palace, the Temple of Jupiter and the Peristyle. Free time. In the evening departure for Medgujore (short stop) . In the 1981 in the village of Medgujore the Virgin Maria shows up to the seers to transmit the messages for peace in the world.

Day 6: Monstar/Dubronvik
In the morning we realize the guided visit of Monstar. In the ottoman era this city has been growing up in the shores of Neretva like an important business point in the road of caravans. Visit at the antique helmet witch is in the list of UNESCO with the famous old bridge and the antique bazaar. Departure from the Adriatic coast to Dubronvik, the city called “Pearl of Adriatic” . Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.

Day 7: Dubronvik
In the morning we realize the guided visit walking of Dubronvik, the antique city declared Heritage of humanity from UNESCO where we will see the most important pieces of Medieval Art: the Onofrio Source , the Monasteries of the Franciscans and the Cathedral. Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.

Day 8: Dubronvik/Kotor/Budva/Tirana
Departure to ALBANIA from Kotor, the city surrounded of walls and strengths, Included in the 1979 in the list of heritage of UNESCO. We make the guided visit. We continue to Tirana via Budva (short stop), we cross the Albanian frontier in Shkoder , at the time capital city of the Ilirc kingdom (3rthd century A.C). Dinner and accommodation in Tirana.

Day 9: Tirana/Ohrid
In the morning we visit the city, the capital of Albania, including the Scanderbeg square, the Ethem Bay mosque and the National museum that represent the history of Albania housing archaeological pieces from all the country. In the evening departure to Ohrind, via Elbasan and cross the Macedonian frontier to Cafasan. Dinner and accommodation in Ohrind.

Day 10: Ohrid
All day in the seaside shores of the Ohrid lake, city classified from UNESCO like world cultural heritage. Where debit of the San Clemente activates and San Naum Of Ohrind, was founded the first Slavic university and the famous literal school of Ohrind. In the morning visit of the city including the church of Sta, Sofia of the XI century, the biggiest impressionat medieval monument in Macedonia. Evening free. Permutation.

Day 11: Ohrid/Skopoje
In the morning departure for Skopje, capital city of Macedonia. The visit of the city includes Kale Fortress, SanSalvador church with its icons, magnificent samples in the traditional carving art in Walnut wood. The antique bazaar, the brigde. Dinner and accommodation in Skopje.

Day 12: Skopje/Belgrad
Departure to the capital of Serbia via Nis city located in the shores of Nisava lake. The route along the antique street, where we will find the National Theatre and the Tribunal until the Cele fortess,the wprld unique monument., built by the turks with the skulls of the died Serbians solders in the war of 1809. Lunch in the local restaurant. We continue to Belgrade. Dinner and accommodation at hotel in Belgrade.

Day 13: Belgrade
In the mornig we continue the guided visit of Belgrade where we will see the Kalamegdan Fortess, we will enjoy the atmosphere og the famous Knes Mihajlova street and we will visit the biggest orthodox church in the world, temple of San Sava. Free evening. Dinner and accommodation in hotel.

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